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Flights and transfers in Tenerife

You might wonder what transportation is like in Tenerife and what are the best ways to getting to Puerto de la Cruz. Why Puerto de la Cruz? Because it’s located in the northern area of the island which is the best area for cycling. More on that in this blog post right here.


You will need to book your own flights. Tenerife has 2 airports Tenerife South (TFS) which is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Puerto De La Cruz and Tenerife North (TFN) that is 20 minutes away from Puerto de la Cruz. Considering that all transfers from the airport to the Hotel and back will also be done by you we recommend arriving at TFN if possible. If your flight is not a direct flight to Tenerife and you have a layover somewhere in Europe then pay attention to the layover time, it should be 3 to 4 hours ideally. Before booking the flight, make sure you identify which bus you will be taking and check the TITSA bus schedule so that you can arrive with your flight about one to maximum 2 hours before the bus leaves.

Public transportation – the best and cheapest type of transfer the island

We have a long experience here on the island and hosting cycling weeks we have arrived at the conclusion that the public transportation system is the best way to get around Tenerife. There are 4 busses that can get you from the airports to Puerto De La Cruz.

 TITSA 343, which goes directly from TFS to Cruz and back stopping only in TFN.
Please check timetable here:
 TITSA 30 which goes between TFN and Cruz and back. Please check timetable here:
 For going and coming back from the TFS when the 343 is not available, there is another
option that of combining the TITSA 103 (Santa Cruz De Tenerife to Puerto de la Cruz
and back) Please see timetable here:

 TITSA 10 (Santa Cruz De Tenerife to TFS and back). The exchange of busses is very
simple and smooth with a hop off hop on type option as busses stop close to
eachother. Please see timetable here:

To pay for the TITSA BUS you have several options, the best one is by buying a TITSA CARD that costs 2 euros and charge it with the amount that you need. You can do that at the automatic machines that exist in the main bus stations. One card can be used for 2 people or more. When you hop on the bus, tell your driver where you are going and how any people you are for example: dos personas Puerto De La Cruz or 2 personas Aeropuerto Sur/Norte.

The prices are as follows:
TFS – Puerto de la Cruz and back is 19.10 euros / person
TFN – Puerto de la Cruz and back is 7 euros / person

You can pay by card.
You can also chose to pay directly on the bus (by cash or card) but the price will be higher.

Shuttle companies


(can be found outside the airport, no need to book them in advance unless you want a bigger
9 seat taxi,etc)
A taxi fare from TFS to Cruz is 90-120 euros
A taxi fare from TFN to Cruz is 30-40 euro

Car rentals

There are plenty of car rental companies in Tenerife that we can reccommend.

By far the best one is Cicar

Other car rental companies are:


Volten Car

Mertens Auto