Our Favourite Tenrife Routes


Enjoy your rides!

These routes are designed so that you can enjoy the best
views, do the best training in a fun way by challenging
yourself but not burn yourself out and create epic experiences

Teide from Puerto de la Cruz

Teide is of course one of the best rides in Tenerife and a must while here. We tend to do it on the first day or the  second as it is so fascinating that many wish to do it at least two times during their trip. The second and or third time we climb it from different sides, it has many variable routes.

Puerto de la Cruz - Punta Teno

Enjoy riding and discovering the western coast of Tenerife going towards the south. Join us as we ride through the towns of Icod and Garachico till Punta Teno. From there we have the option of coming back through El Tanque or straight back on the higher roads of Icod el Alto.

Pico del Ingles (Anaga Rural Park)

This is a route that allows you to enjoy the true essence of the northern part of the island with its natural beauty and richness and a unique place on earth.  There are different variables to this route for different levels of cycling.

Icod - Garachico - Masca

Enjoy riding and discovering the northern coast going towards the south. This time we ride through the towns of Icod and Garachico. From here we have the option of going to Masca through Puna Teno or through El Tanque and Santiago del Teide. For those that are not prepared for 5000 mt total elevation and 150 km, you can come back with our car.

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