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Top 8 Mistakes Cyclists Make in Tenerife

If you’ve ever had the chance to explore Tenerife on two wheels, you know that this island is full of surprises – some great, some not-so-great. It’s a place that can delight and challenge you in unexpected ways. So, let’s dive into the common mistakes cyclists often make here, and how to avoid them.

1. Ignoring Accommodation Location

Tenerife’s beauty tempts many to seek quiet getaways in the mountains, but there’s a catch. Staying in these places can be chilly during winter, needing heaters to stay cozy. Plus, you’d probably need a car since they’re off the beaten path. Don’t forget, cycling back to your mountain lodging might involve more climbing than you bargained for. Ideally, consider staying in Puerto de la Cruz for easy access to most of the island’s cycling routes.

2. Starting Late in the Day

Tenerife’s sun is a real scorcher, especially near the equator. So, hitting the road later in the day means dealing with intense heat, in the summer and the freezing temperatures of the descent in the winter. The smart play is to start your ride early in the morning. This way, you avoid both the peak heat and the freezing afternoon temperatures.

3. Overdoing Teide Time

Teide, that majestic peak, is a must-visit. But here’s the scoop: it’s often sunny up there, but the descent can be downright freezing. It’s like you’re diving into a cold pool! To dodge this icy surprise, make your Teide trip snappy – enjoy the views, take a quick break, and head back down before the chill sets in.

4. Misjudging Tenerife’s Weather

Sure, Tenerife’s known for its tropical vibes, but the weather isn’t beach-perfect in all the areas of Tenerife at every hour od the day. In the mountains, it can get quite chilly, even if you’re used to colder climates. Make sure to layer up so you’re prepared for those unexpected temperature drops.

5. Expecting Bike Paths Everywhere

Guess what? Tenerife doesn’t have a ton of bike paths. But don’t fret! Cyclists and drivers have figured out a way to share the road amicably. So, no designated paths? No big deal. The roads are cyclist-friendly, and everyone respects each other’s space.

6. Avoiding Main Roads

Tiny roads might look tempting, but be cautious. Some of these roads are steeper than a roller coaster! Newbies often get caught up in the allure of quiet routes, only to find themselves struggling up crazy inclines. Stick to the bigger roads – they’re friendlier on your legs.

7. Underestimating Elevation

Tenerife’s not your typical flat cycling ground. It’s more like a roller coaster with all its ups and downs. Don’t plan your rides based on distance alone. Consider the elevation gain too. Gradually increase your rides to tackle the elevation comfortably.

8. Letting Elevation Scare You

Sure, the hills might seem daunting, but fear not! Many first-timers conquer Tenerife’s hills with a bit of patience and pacing. Especially when you’re riding with others, taking it slow can turn those hills from intimidating to exhilarating.

By sidestepping these common pitfalls, your cycling adventure in Tenerife can be a smooth ride. And remember, while these are the top mistakes, there’s always room to discover more tips for a fantastic cycling experience on this beautiful island.

Happy cycling!