Discover the unexpected magic of this atlantic island

Where mountains and sea come together to form a perfect combination

Every year hundreds of PRO TOUR professional cyclists spend their winters here for a reason. The magnificent climate all year long, the high altitudes, the wide variety of routes and the great climbs that this island has to offer are just some of the reasons why more and more cyclists choose it for their cycling holidays and training camps to set the grounds for a successful season! The Teide volcano will charm you with its perfect roads in the woods enjoying a 60 km climb.

Exciting and unique route variations & bio -diversity is surprising

                                                                      They say that a long time ago, there were  3 volcanoes that erupted from under the sea and one unique island was formated. We fancy that idea because when visiting the 3 different areas of Tenerife: North, South and the Teide Volcano you have the sensation of being on a different island each time, so different and almost unrecognizable between them.


Hotels Appartments

We have agreements with some of the best Hotels and Villas in Tenerife that we handpicked ourselves given our cycling needs and the experience that we have matured on this island since coming here for the first time 5 years ago. All the Hotels will allow the cyclists to bring their bikes in the rooms and they will provide a wide range of services related to the needs of the cyclist as early breakfast and late lunch, special nutritional need aso.

Delicious Local Food and Cuisine

The food is a key ingredient of this adventure. If you choose to stay in the Villa, Chef Fabio will provide a mix of hand-picked restaurants and his own cooking throughout the week. In both Villa and Hotels all meals will feature locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, legumes, beef, fish and seafood bright with flavor. In addition to incredible food, you’ll drink wine that represents the history and personality of the region. Please let our team know if you have any dietary restrictions when discussing menus upon arrival. 

Many local attractions & ancient cultural traditions

There are many reasons to travel to Tenerife and spend a week or more. Other than cycling, local food, good accommodation, we know the best places of interest and the main local attractions and  traditions. Tenerife is a very colorful island outside the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean and its mix of african, european and and native cultures in a breathtaking naturalistic place with rich sea life make it a very special place that we will be happy to show you.

with us?

Let yourself be guided by a professional cycling coach

It’s one thing to come here alone or even in a group and ride by yourself not knowing where to go, what rides to do first and what to do last to have the perfect Canarian experience. 2018 marks the third year in a row that we lead cycling training camps and cycling tours in Tenerife so we have extensive technical knowledge on the rides, the weather, etc.

The Best Experience Ever

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